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Demo-CD done!!!


Our 3-song demo-CD is finally done, as you can see on the pic Joe took. Next, we will approach labels and hopefully find someone who is interested in releasing the soon to be completed album. We do not plan to sell the demos, as they are made for pure promotional reasons.  Joe is back from a non-stop-6-month-lasting job and will finish the vocals plus some additional guitar parts in the next weeks. The final mix is now set for late October 2011, additional info - tracklist, artwork etc. - will follow in the near future.

Also, a big thank you goes out to all the people who are following and supporting us over the time now. We are deeply sorry for this delay and please, believe us that we are suffering from it more than anyone else. But there are things that just happen and cannot be influenced by anyone of us. The wait will be worth it, for sure. The new songs, especially with Joes voice are a huge step forward and we cannot wait to release the album and play live.

Rock on!!


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