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Back from the 70.000 tons of Metal - cruise and more!!


Hello all, we are back from the 70.000 tons of Metal - cruise.....and it was a blast!!

A huge thank you goes out to Andy Piller, his staff, all the fans and people who came to our shows and supported us, all the other bands and the entire "Majesty of the Seas"-crew for making this an unforgettable and amazing trip!! The vibe was great, we made many new friends and we cannot wait to go out and play again! A great event, if it happens again make sure you do not miss it!! Pictures from our shows can be seen at and Blabbermouth.

What else happened: while rehearsing at Dave Linsks SKH-Studios (thanks again for everything!) we also did a photo-shoot to finally get new promo-pics done. These should be available on our site in the near future. Also, the mix of the new album is now scheduled for march - further details on songtitles etc. coming soon!!

Those people who came to our shows already had the chance to listen to 4 new songs - and as soon as the first mixes are done, we will put together a little medley so everyone else can get an idea of what they missed.



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